To Everything There is a Season and a Time to Every Purpose…

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This is Your Season

Ecclesiastes 3:1


To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:


Season, is a term that most are all too familiar with. Spring, summer, fall and winter describe the time where the weather on earth in various regions change based on the time of the year. In the south we see our fair share of the changes that occur throughout the year when seasons change. Springtime, is usually a very laid back time here. Children get their bicycles out to play, neighbors are watering their freshly manicured gardens, and friendly faces greet you on front porches.

In the summer, the people are out on the town in full blast, but a change has occurred. Hair is frizzy due to the humidity and blazing heat, the neighbors are still smiling, but their faces are now red with beads of sweat fighting each other to be released from pores due to the heat the body has to endure. By the end of summer, we welcome fall with open arms. Children chase brightly red and golden leaves, the wind blows through hair, harvest time is near, and life is easy.

Winter, cooly creeps through cracks in windows and underneath wooden doors. You look at trees and feel sorry for them, because they appear frail and saddened from the death that oozes through their barks. Ice sometimes coats everything that has life within it.

But there is hope along the way, because seasons change, and most things that were dead are brought back to life, in such a beautiful manner. Because To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Just as in nature, in our lives seasons change. Yet, even during winter, there are nights where the fire crackles, the laughter of love ones brings a smile to your heart, and prayers surpass dark cold skies as they take flight to the throne of Heaven. Regardless of the season in your life, there is a time to every purpose. During the times when things are good, God has a purpose for your life. When things are looking down, God has a purpose for your life. Why? Because He is the one thing that’s constant, that never changes. Although seasons change, God is still the same. His plans, and dive purpose remain firmly intact at all times. From before you were placed inside of your mother’s womb, up until now, you were designed with purpose.

How do you discover that purpose? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. To know God is to know who you are in Him. Biographies have been written about great men for centuries. In order to learn their secrets, examine their thought process, and gain some wisdom while doing it. How much more will you examine the words from the God that created you? The Book of Life (the Bible) houses endless accounts of why God made us, and how valuable we are in His sight. Furthermore, it details the steps of how to live righteously. This is the first road to travel when pursuing purpose. Pursue God and His righteousness and His Word will be a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path.

by, Clea McLemore

Photo Credits, Amelie

I Walked a Mile with Pleasure

I Walked a Mile with Pleasure, by Robert Browning


In most instances we long to experience pleasure in life, because that’s what ‘feels’ good; however, the greatest lessons in life are rarely derived from pleasure. They’re derived from sorrow, pain, perhaps high hovering obstacles, or the long walks we that compose part of our journey. It is rare that we find triumph during downtrodden times, lessons learned are usually discovered after the pain has subsided as one reflects on what’s behind them.  Browning’s poem ‘I Walked a Mile with Pleasure paints the picture vividly.


I recall several years ago, immediately after my undergrad degree, I was ready for the world. Prior to graduating, I had already gained several years of experience in the field; so I expected to gain employment pretty quickly after graduation. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. It was ten months before I found traditional employment. The sadness that comes from not being able to sufficiently provide for one’s family is a horrible burden to bear. In addition, I had spent so much time, effort, energy, and tears into pursuing and obtaining my degree I felt as if I had failed myself, along with my loved ones.


However, there was an invaluable lesson that I discovered during that time, to trust God. Each month, one way or another, all my expenses were paid. My children never went hungry, my utilities stayed on, in fact the only luxury we had to cut out was satellite television. Even that was a blessing. I discovered how great Netflix was and went from paying $110 a month for television to roughly $15 per month (I haven’t looked back since). It was during that time that I found out what ‘give us this day our daily bread‘ meant. I got to the point where I understood, I needed God for everything, and my life required His help every single day. And now as I reflect on that time, I see things so clearly. There was a lesson that I had to grasp. That my help doesn’t come from man, it comes from God.


So whatever, obstacle you’re facing, look beyond your current emotions and feelings and see what knowledge, and understanding can be gained. You can buy a lot of things, but you can’t pay wisdom that is found during those times that try to break you, but are meant all along to make you.

by, Clea McLemore


"Scared", by, Clea McLemore - Photo Credits:  Franco Folini

“I didn’t know my heart was so afraid, until I felt it feeling, familiar feelings…” Clea McLemore

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