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“This chronicle of poetry takes the reader on a guided tour of a young woman’s life through having children at an early age and the shame and fear that comes from it. It captures the love of a man who wasn’t ready for the strong love of a good woman and the hurt and damage caused by it.”

Author Theresa Horne

“Wonderful Work of Art The author’s passion about life is evident when you read this beautiful book of poetry. I appreciate how she plays with words to create the perfect flow. Whether reading her work or being in person to experience her speak, it has been a pleasure to be around such a wonderful gifted young lady.”

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“A beautiful collection of poetry that reflects the author’s most intimate moments of her life. It is a read that I could not put down and would recommend to anyone. Clea offers her audience a window into her life while making you reflect on your own past and questioning where your relationship is with God. Her words are inspiring and touching. You can not go wrong with this book, and especially not this author.”

Brittany H.

“I am normally not the one to leave reviews, but after reading this book it was a must. It kept me intrigued with every word. It inspired me to continue reading. This book of poetry is beyond raw and beautiful. It is filled with pain and beauty that many share and should be shared with everyone. They’re touching and honest. It’s an amazing book to give as a gift especially to those who love poetry and even those who haven’t quite been introduced to it because I know everyone knows someone who can use the some uplifting and encouragement.”

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“This paper is my canvas, gray lead is the only color needed to paint this portrait.”

“The Stage” – Fame & Glory: Love. Sanity. Christ & Poetry

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