A semi-autobiographical book of poetry that will make you remember, young love and the triumphs and trials of life. A book written for warriors. For those who have overcome obstacles, and persevered in-spite of unseemly circumstances. This book is for those that have never accepted failure as an option or as a possible outcome to their future.

Fame & Glory exhibits pieces familiar to those inspired by the great poets of our time. “If You Forget Me, Too” is a piece written in response to Pablo Neruda’s “If You Forget Me” due to its craftiness and great use of imagery. In addition, one clearly sees trails of inspiration throughout the pages of this collection from poets such as Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, Langston Hughes, and others that have inspired the author.

Fame & Glory, offers a refreshing approach to poetry, and allows readers to easily follow the exciting and sometimes frightening years of the author’s life. This is a book needed for every literature collection, and one that readers will enjoy time and time again.