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Author Q&A

1.)  What's your book about?

Fame and Glory is a collection of poems written over the course 10+ years. It's divided into four sections, All for love, All for Sanity, All for Christ, and All for Poetry.

2.)  What's your writing background?

I've been writing since the age of 13. My first poem published was at the age of 15 in our local school literature magazine Vicksburg Voices. I purchase books from thrift stores, garage sales, and online to work on my craft. While in college; I also took courses outside my major such as Creative Writing and 20th Century Poetry. Several of my articles have been published in newsletters as well as small booklets. My career in IT has also helped me to expand my writing skills into areas such as Technical writing, creating manuals, along with various Tech tutorials.

3.)  How did you come to love poetry?

In Junior High school after reading a poem written to a friend from a boy who had a crush on her, I thought, "I can do better than this." So I wrote my first poem. Later poetry proved to be more than recreational, it was therapy during some of the most tumultuous times in my life.

4.)  When is your book coming out?

I'll be releasing my first collection of poetry, Fame and Glory, December 9, 2015. It will be available in all formats, and will be available on my website, select bookstores, and major online retailers.

5.)  How difficult was it to finish this book?

It was definitely an extreme process. I've wanted to muster up the courage to write a book years ago, but in life timing is everything, and 5 years ago I wasn't ready, but time has proved to be beneficial in molding me into a better poet in the meantime. The editing process was tedious, and the most frustrating but, even in that I found much joy during the process.

6.)  Do you have another book in the works?

Yes, my next book is entitled "Letters to a Teenage Mother". I've tried to figure out what advice would have led me to make better decisions to avoid the decisions I made as a teenager, and I'd like to share that knowledge.

7.)  Why is poetry important to you? 

Poetry moves people to action. It draws, it persuades.  It prompts individuals to demand freedom, and wage wars to obtain it.

8.)  How do you come up with names for your poems? 

Naming poems for me, is the easiest process. I write the poem first, because I never know where its journey will lead me. Once the journey is complete, I reflect, and put a title to the experience.

9.) What in nature most inspires you?

An Oak tree. It stands through all seasons. It's tall, beautiful, frightening, strong.


What Makes this Book Relevant

1.) What makes this book of poetry relevant, is the fact that I opened the book of my life; in hopes of introducing the beauty of poetry at the same time.  Honesty is hard to find these days, and honesty will always be relevant.

2.)  Spoken Word is an area close to my heart, the opportunity to finally write a book to accompany that passion is difficult; however, poetry has been proven to produce change in history.

3.)  A common misinterpretation of society is that girls who have a child or children in high school will become poor, dropouts, or adults who depend on Public assistance; however, there is a wonderful alternative to this common misconception: hard work, dedication, and much prayer defines destiny, not statistics.

4. ) What makes this book interesting is that it written for poetry lovers as well as to those that may not be avid readers. The poems are easy to relate to for those from all walks of life, and also easy to follow.

5.)  I come from a single parent home. We lacked in areas financially but were rich in love, Christ, morals and upbringing. My mother, instilled hard work and education into my brother and I since I can remember.  We were taught that we could do anything we put our minds to, as a child I believed that; as an adult I know it to be true.

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