Clea McLemore, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Usually, when one sees this scripture they stop there. With eyes having not seen, and ears having not heard, but there is more. The next verse goes on to say, ‘But God hath reveled them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth al things, yea, the deep things of God.’ These things, that God has prepared for those who love them are, yes, beyond the natural eye. Sound waves cannot carry them to ears; they have before been unable to be comprehended by the hearts of man. But now they are readily accessible, by the Spirit of God. And it is by His Spirit, that our minds become renewed, as we take on the mind of Christ.

We must have the mind of Christ, to live in a world that plays tug-a-war with our lives. The harsh reality of the wages of so much sin. Broken homes, social disruption, war, poverty, the tarnished dream of freedom. And it is with this mind, of Christ, that we stop conforming and become transformed by the renewal of it. This transformation touches every area of our being and leads us to a life of destiny. Now having spiritual eyes that see, what the natural eye cannot. Now possessing ears, that are able to hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say. Now having a heart after God, we can know His will for our lives. What does God have prepared for you?  Surely, it is more than you could ever imagine.  If life has been good to you already, You ain’t seen nothing yet!

by, Clea McLemore