"Dare" - Photo Credit Aphrodite,

It’s not too late to start living your dreams.


    The reason I named my IT Consulting firm, Dare2CareComputers is because that’s what it took.  A chance, to step out on faith and believe this southern young single mother could become a business owner.  So I did just that.  While taking an entrepreneurship class in college, the professor made known available Small business grants for entrepreneurs, all I needed was a business plan. I came into our first meeting with three ideas, the professor liked one, and that was Dare2CareComputers, LLC.  I searched the internet relentlessly about information pertaining to forming your own business plan, and inked out my dream.  My business plan was accepted, and I was awarded a grant for $1,000 to pursue this endeavor.  I’ll post information on how to start your own business in future articles, under the Inform section, but this post is to inspire.  It’s never too late to give up on your dreams.  Dust off your destiny and live again.  Whatever your dream, or desire is from life, all things can be done through Christ.   Carpe Diem, Seize the day, because if you are reading this, God has graced you to see another!


I dare you to dream;

Close lids that cover eyes

Sleep nightmares of the world away

And wake up on the moon

You shouldn’t give up


Deferred dreams

So soon.

by, Clea McLemore

Photo Credits, Aphrodite