Fame & Glory: Love, Sanity, Christ and Poetry by Clea McLemore
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Fame & Glory: Love, Sanity, Christ & Poetry


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A semi-autobiographical book of poetry that will make you remember, young love and the triumphs and trials of life. A book written for warriors. For those who have overcome obstacles, and persevered in-spite of unseemly circumstances. This book is for those that have never accepted failure as an option or as a possible outcome to their future.

This work of art exhibits pieces familiar to those inspired by the great poets of our time. “If You Forget Me, Too” is written in response to Pablo Neruda’s “If You Forget Me” due to its craftiness and great use of imagery. In addition, one clearly sees trails of inspiration throughout the pages of this collection from poets such as Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, Langston Hughes, and others that have inspired the author.

Fame & Glory, offers a refreshing approach to poetry, and allows readers to easily follow the exciting and sometimes frightening years of the author’s life. This is a book needed for every literature collection, and one that readers will enjoy time and time again.




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    Amazing book of poetry. Clea completely expresses her good and bad times through her work. Simply awesome!

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    Fantastic work by a fantastic author. Definitely worth the buy!

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    Wonderful Work of Art – The author’s passion about life is evident when you read this beautiful book of poetry. I appreciate how she plays with words to create the perfect flow. Whether reading her work or being in person to experience her speak, it has been a pleasure to be around such a wonderful gifted young lady.

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    A great read if you like poetry that motivates and give you a picture of the life of the author. The book is filled with poems that are more like short stories that talks about life, love, motivation, and the courage to always go forwards. In reading the book you can tell that the author is letting the world in on some of her most intimate and life-changing events of her life. The placement of words, with her creative flow of writing is bound to keep your attention. Also, the references to Bible verses allow the book to be used as a good devotional read.

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    Great read, beautifully written poetry and very inspiring. Perfect examples on how God will never give you more than you can handle. Clea McLemore proves in her book that no matter what struggles you come across in life you can still fulfill your purpose. I would definitely recommend reading and gifting to so someone that needs a little inspiration in their lives

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    I am normally not the one to leave reviews, but after reading this book it was a must. It kept me intrigued with every word. It inspired me to continue reading. This book of poetry is beyond raw and beautiful. It is filled with pain and beauty that many share and should be shared with everyone. They’re touching and honest. It’s an amazing book to give as a gift especially to those who love poetry and even those who haven’t quite been introduced to it because I know everyone knows someone who can use the some uplifting and encouragement.

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    Her words are spellbinding as you read each line. You can almost feel the emotion in the words like you can a soft breeze on your face, or the heat of passion. I deeply enjoyed these words she penned and would recommend it to any deep soul that yearns for words that express the innermost heartfelt emotions of a woman’s core.

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    For a first time author Cl Mac she is simply amazing. I love how she incorporated her struggles as well as her relationship with Chrisr through poetry. Reading her books has me reflecting over my own life. I think everyone should read this book. We all could relate. I’m waiting on the next book.

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    A beautiful collection of poetry that reflects the author’s most intimate moments of her life. It is a read that I could not put down and would recommend to anyone. Clea offers her audience a window into her life while making you reflect on your own past and questioning where your relationship is with God. Her words are inspiring and touching. You can not go wrong with this book, and especially not this author.

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